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We sell the largest selection of ceiling fans online, and have 4 store locations!
We sell the largest selection of ceiling fans online, and have 4 store locations!

Emerson CF4501AP Crown Select in Antique Pewter - Shown with Solid Wood Dark Mahogany Blades (Sold Separately)

by Emerson

The Crown Select is a classic Emerson design whose housing features a die-cast zinc filigree that adds graceful turn-of-the-century detailing that is still at home today. Integrated accent lighting bounces ambient light off the ceiling to create a comfortable glow in the room.í«ÌÎ_The Crowne Select can adapt to 43 blade options with blade spans ranging from 44" to 60". Blades sold separately. Scroll down to the "blades" tab below to select blades.í«ÌÎ_Shown as a 54" fan with B77DM blade set.í«ÌÎ_Blades sold Separately. Scroll down the page to the "blades" tab to select blades.í«ÌÎ_Not compatible with B79 Series 31" (70"-72 span") blades.


[[item]][[link]][[end link]][[image]][[end image]][[header]]Blade Span[[end header]][[content]]54" Blade Span[[end content]][[end item]]

[[item]][[link]][[end link]][[image]][[end image]][[header]]CFMs[[end header]][[content]]7155 CFMs[[end content]][[end item]]

[[item]][[link]][[end link]][[image]][[end image]][[header]]Hanging Distance[[end header]][[content]]14" From Top to Bottom[[end content]][[end item]]

[[item]][[link]][[end link]][[image]][[end image]][[header]]Motor Size[[end header]][[content]]K55XL Motor[[end content]][[end item]]

[[item]][[link]][[end link]][[image]][[end image]][[header]]Blades[[end header]][[content]]Shown with Five Dark Mahogany Blades[[end content]][[end item]]

[[item]][[link]][[end link]][[image]][[end image]][[header]]Downlight[[end header]][[content]]Sold Separately[[end content]][[end item]]

[[item]][[link]][[end link]][[image]][[end image]][[header]]Control[[end header]][[content]]Pullchain Included[[end content]][[end item]]

[[item]][[link]][[end link]][[image]][[end image]][[header]]Warranty[[end header]][[content]]Lifetime Limited Motor Warranty, One Year Electronics Warranty[[end content]][[end item]]


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